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Homeowner Insurance For The Way You Live At Franklin Mutual Insurance, we recognize your home is more than an investment and place to live. It’s a safe haven where friends and family gather, memories are made, and your most valued possessions reside. Give your home and loved ones the protection they deserve with extensive property...read more

Condo Insurance for the Way You Live As a condominium owner, you don’t have to paint the house, cut the grass or shovel snow, but you will need to protect yourself and your personal belongings with condo insurance. While your condo association likely carries insurance...read more

Renter Insurance For The Way You Live Your landlord insures the apartment building, condominium or home you live in, but it’s up to you to protect yourself and your personal belongings. For less than a dollar a day, a Franklin Mutual Insurance renter policy can cover: Your personal property – anywhere in the world Legal...read more

Landlord Insurance For The Way You Live As a landlord renting out your property to others, we recognize the unique challenges you face – like finding the perfect tenants, keeping up with the maintenance and worrying about lost income if your property suddenly became uninhabitable. A Franklin Mutual Insurance landlord insurance...read more