It's Storm Season: Time to Trim Trees & Save Your Home from Damage

It's Storm Season: Time to Trim Trees & Save Your Home from Damage

By Franklin Mutual Insurance
Posted in Home Tips, Weather Safety
On July 19, 2023

Summer is in full swing, which means barbecues, swimming pools, and vacation. While we are all celebrating the warmer weather and relaxation, another season is beginning - hurricane season. With the threat of heavy rain, high winds and lightning strikes, now is the perfect time to inspect and trim your trees. The last thing you want is a storm to take down a large branch or tree and damage your or your neighbor’s property.

Do my trees need a trim?


Before getting out the clippers or calling a professional, perform a visual inspection of your property and the surrounding area. If you notice any of the following issues, it may be time for a tree trim or even a tree removal.

#1 - The tree is close to your home or other structures.

If the trunk itself or its branches are too close to your home, you may encounter a serious issue. A tree close to your home may have a root system that can cause damage to your home’s foundation and property. If branches are touching your home, it may cause mold to form on your siding. Branches hanging over your roof or a tree leaning toward your home can cause massive damage during or after a powerful thunderstorm or hurricane.

#2 - The tree is dead or appears to be dying.

Signs a tree may be on its last legs are a hollow trunk, little or no new growth, and/or growth only on one side. Signs of disease such as fungus can also tell you it’s time to call a professional removal service.

#3 - The tree has been damaged.

Has a tree been struck by lightning during a previous storm? Perhaps it’s been damaged due to excavating in your yard or by mowers or large landscaping equipment. Even birds and other creatures, such as the invasive Emerald Ash Borer, can cause a tree to become ill. Depending on the damage, you may be able to call an arborist for help in saving the tree. However, if more than 25% of the bark is damaged or missing, you may need to call a professional tree service to remove it.

Also, any dead or dying branches should be removed as well as branches that rub together. This can help the tree to survive.

If you do need to remove a tree, some homeowners opt to replace it or donate a tree through organizations such as the Arbor Day Foundation.

Should I trim my own trees?


The answer is - it depends. If you are trimming small branches, have proper safety equipment, and can reach the branch from solid ground, you may be able to trim your own tree. However, cutting trees can be dangerous. That is why it is highly recommended you hire an insured tree service. Not only will these professionals be able to safely trim your branches, they also know which trees need to be cut and how to best keep the other trees on your property healthy.

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